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Millennium Steel 2020

Millennium Steel will review the most recent advances in process technology, industry needs and future trends in every aspect.
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Power IMPOC at the pickling line at China Steel Corporation in Kaohsiung – a special environment


China Steel Corporation (CSC), based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, was founded in December 1971. With an annual production (in the form of crude steel) of around 10 million tons, CSC manufactures a wide range of products including sheet, bar, wire rod, hot- and cold-rolled, electro-galvanized and hot-dip galvanized strip, electrical steel and Ti/Ni-based alloys. The domestic market accounts for approximately 70 % of CSC’s production and the remaining 30 % is exported. CSC is the largest steel company in Taiwan and accounts for more than 50 % of the domestic market.

CSC has a very innovative structure and a strong ability to put innovation into practice. The company’s vision is: “We aspire to be a trustworthy steel company of global distinction that pursues growth, environmental protection, energy saving and value-innovation..”1 This vision is actively implemented by investing in modern quality assurance solutions.

In the production of hot-rolled strip, which is delivered directly to end customers or processed internally, a continuous pickling and oiling line coupled with a skin pass mill is used. The strips to be produced have high accuracy requirements with regard to material strength values. In this context, an EMG IMPOC system was successfully transferred to production operation at the pickling line in the last quarter of 2019.

What are now the greatest challenges for the operation of the EMG IMPOC online material testing system on a pickling line?

In general, there are two main critical points at pickling lines that influence the use of an online material testing solution at this point. These are on the one hand the high strip thickness and on the other hand the production-related, unstable strip run with respect to passline deviations. Today, only EMG IMPOC in the power version (particularly strong magnetic field) is able to successfully measure strips in thickness ranges up to 6 mm and at speeds up to 600 m/min. Due to the comparatively high measuring distance of 50 mm (between the two heads), the system can also be used at the pickling line with uneven strip running.

The picture shows the nevertheless narrow installation situation (top side) at the POL line at CSC. Even though the steel piping and supports are relatively close to the measuring heads, reliable measuring operation is possible.

A special feature of this project is, that CSC is not only interested in the relative change in tensile strength and yield strength for two steel groups with 440 and 590 MPa, but also in the measurement of absolute values. For the purpose of the corresponding model development, the sampling was moved to the middle of the strip length for a certain time, since in normal operation the samples are taken in the zone of the weld seam. At these transition zones, however, the IMPOC system is driven out of the production line for safety reasons and thus a correct length allocation between destructive sampling and IMPOC measurement would then be impossible.

Today, specially developed models for the absolute measurement of the strength values are available for the  steel grades mentioned above. For the remaining other materials standard coefficients are used, which allow an exact statement about the relative changes of tensile strength and yield strength in MPa over strip length.

The successful project work in the team consisting of CSC, the EMG representative TECH RISING Industries Co, Ltd. as installation partner and EMG in Germany has meanwhile led to a further order for an IMPOC system for the CGL #2 in Kaohsiung, which will be delivered this year.

Conclusion: EMG IMPOC in the power version is the only online material testing system for strength values worldwide that can also be safely used on pickling lines. During the project planning certain constructive basic conditions regarding the installation and protection of the system must be considered. This also applies to the possibly particularly acid-resistant versions of control cabinets and connectors. By using standard coefficients (IMPOCexpress), the relative changes in tensile strength and yield strength in MPa over strip length can be measured very accurately even without specific modelling. The user decides in each individual case to what extent special model developmentss are useful and necessary. The future user discusses all these questions in detail with EMG’s experts prior to system procurement and installation. Innovations can thus be safely implemented in practice.

Would you like to know more about EMG IMPOC and the associated application possibilities also at the pickling line? Please feel free to contact our sales department, our international sales organization or our product manager Matthias Bärwald (matthias.baerwald@emg-automation.com).



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