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ATS Mechatronics supplies four bundle retaining jaws to a special bar quality (SBQ) mill in Spain


ATS Mechatronics supplies four bundle retaining jaws (bundle forming) to the European mechanical supplier with the final destination at a special bar quality (SBQ) mill in Spain.

ATS Mechatronics has more than 25 years of experience in supplying tying machines for round bundles, hexagonal and square stacks. In these years ATS supplied more than 80 units. In addition to the production of tying machines, ATS Mechatronics takes care of the maintenance of equipment and the production of spare parts according to individual customer requirements. This project includes the design, manufacturing and testing of four bundle retaining jaws. Particularly, each unit consists of two jaws in a welded steel structure pivoted on a common base. They are driven by three hydraulic cylinders that allow them to close in order to keep the bundle in the correct shape and hold the bundle during the tying process. The scope includes all the components required, such as: solenoid valve, cylinders, hydraulic scheme, etc.

All components were tested in our workshop before being sent to the site that reduces the start up time and costs.

This press release is available at:
• AIC website: http://www.aicnet.it/rassegna-stampa/
• ATS website: http://www.ats.ud.it/
• Official LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/automazioni-industriali-capitanio

Contact for journalists:
Mr. Andrei Molchan
– email: andrei.molchan@aicnet.it
– tel: +39 0365 826333

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