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Acciaierie Valbruna contracts Automazioni Industriali Capitanio to upgrade the SH100 Peeling machine control system.


At the beginning of 2020, AIC supplied and commissioned the control panel for the new Bueltmann SH100 peeling machine (Fig.1). The scope of supply was based on the complete revamping of the machine, including the switchboard, Sinamics S120 multidrive system with SLM regenerative DC Bus, S7-400 PLC, safety system, etc.

As a result of successful collaboration, Acciaierie Valbruna has contracted Automazioni Industrilai Capitanio (AIC) to install the extension of the SH100 Peeling machine control system in Vicenza (BS), Italy. The project aims to upgrade existing switchboards in order to connect new inverters.

The scope of supply includes

  • Engineering, electrical drawings and upgrading the existing switchboard.
  • Software development.
  • Electrical power & auxiliary parts to connect power cables to existing equipment.
  • Packing and shipping.

AIC will also be involved in site installation and commissioning phases, start up support and the remote assistance. The project will be delivered in a short time. It is scheduled to be commissioned in August 2020.

Fig. 1 – Control panel installed at the beginning of 2020

AIC is a global system integrator providing advanced and tailored automation and robotic solutions for the steel industry, with the aim to continuously improve both efficiency, competitiveness and safety of the production processes. With more than 1000 applications worldwide and more than 40 years of history, AIC can boost a unique experience in both greenfield and revamping projects in meltshops and long products rolling mills.

Founded in 1925, Acciaierie Valbruna S.p.a. is a private company with an annual output of approx. 200.000 tons of specialty steels. Production is primarily focused on Stainless Steels and Specialty Alloys, available in blooms and billets, ingots, round, square, flat, hexagonal and angle bars, wire rod, wire, reinforcement bars and threaded rods, with the expressed goal of satisfying the most sophisticated needs of the customer. Today, Valbruna’s production is utilized in various industrial sectors, such as: food and pharmaceutical, aerospace, automotive, chemical and petrochemical industries, construction, energy, mechanical, medical, naval and many others.

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Contact for journalists:
Mr. Andrei Molchan
– Email: andrei.molchan@aicnet.it
– Tel: +39 0365 826333

AIC Automazioni Industriali Capitanio sites:
→ Italy (Headquarters, Engineering & Workshops)
→ United States of America (Sales & Service)
→ India (Sales, Engineering & Service)
→ Brazil (Sales, Engineering & Service)


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