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Millennium Steel China 2021/22

The next issue will be published in October 2021. For media information click here. The most recent Chinese edition is available here.
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Millennium Steel 2021

Millennium Steel will review the most recent advances in process technology, industry needs and future trends in every aspect.
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Millennium Steel America 2020

Millennium Steel will review the most recent advances in process technology and future trends in every aspect. For media information click here
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Millennium Steel International Edition 2007

Articles featured include:

  • Greener Steelmaking with the Midrex direct reduction process
  • BOF secondary off-gas cleaning systems
  • Reheating furnaces with low NOx emissions
  • Third generation optimised universal primer for coil coating
  • Commercial performance of non-chromium (VI) passivates
  • Key design issues associated with large blast furnaces
  • Coal and charcoal injection in blast furnaces
  • The value and use of blast furnace operational auditing
  • Blast furnace bosh design and repairs
  • Hot metal desulphurisation
  • Yield and productivity savings using Goodfellow EFSOP at Macsteel, Arkansas
  • EAF integration into the blast furnace route at Wheeling – Pittsburgh
  • Bonding of MgO-C bricks by catalytically activated resin
  • Magnesia-spinel-carbon refractories for steel ladle slag zone applications
  • Modern methods for the production of metal powders by gas atomization
  • Soft reduction in the continuous casting of billets
  • High productivity billet casting at BSW
  • Thin slab casting and rolling
  • Stainless and special steels mini mill at Baosteel, China
  • Endless rolling of bars in spooled coils
  • Recent innovations in high speed rod and bar mills
  • Medium section mill drive converter set and control system modernisation
  • Digital reheat furnace control
  • Automatic surface inspection in hot and cold strip mills
  • Improved steelworks process water treatment
  • Compact cold rolling
  • New high speed performance flatness control system for tandem cold mills
  • Strip cleaning technology
  • Fluid dynamics analysis of a zinc pot in a continuous galvanising line
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