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Thermo Fisher Scientific Ecublens

Cold rolling of advanced high strength steel with the S6-high solution from ANDRITZ

By Zhou Yuxian and Fritz Kopin, Baosteel and ANDRITZ Metals

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EMG eMASS® electromagnetic strip stabilisation

By Steffen Dombrowski, EMG Automation GmbH

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Revamping of skin pass mill for automotive products

By Francois Dumortier, CMI INDUSTRY Metals

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Challenges, innovation and designs in galvanising technologies for AHSS

By Michel Dubois and Brice Van Houtte, CMI INDUSTRY Metals

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Process–based Level 2 systems for stable, lower cost blast furnace operations

By Bart de Graaff, Danieli Corus BV

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High-precision automated slag sample preparation for XRF and XRD applications

By Philipp Leschinsky and Dr David Poerschke, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions and thyssenkrupp Steel Europe

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Comparison of EAF dip test short circuit impedance measurement with impedance computation

By Dirk Riedinger, Badische Stahl Engineering GmbH

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Mi.DA 4.0: Endless casting and rolling process empowered by digital technologies

By Andrea De Luca, Alessandro Ardesi and Luca Cestari, Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche SpA and Danieli Automation SpA

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Optical contour measurement and 3D surface inspection of rebars

By Dr Uwe Knaak and Marianna Schroeter, LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen

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Model predictive control applied to a continuous annealing line

By Cedric Perottet, Fives Stein, a subsidiary of Fives, France

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