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Thermo Fisher Scientific Ecublens

Maximising BOF production and lowering costs by using sublance-based process control

By Walter Vortrefflich Danieli Corus BV

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Energy-optimised conveying solutions for DRI

By Frank Reddemann AUMUND Foerdertechnik GmbH

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Replacement of the bell-less top gearbox at Baotou Steel’s No4 blast furnace with a modern hydraulic distributor

By Han JianJun, Zhang WeiDong, Donald Howell, Robert A D’Arrigo, Johan van Ikelen and Geert-Jan Gravemaker Baotou Steel, Woodings, Corus and Danieli Corus

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Opportunities for increasing productivity, lowering operating costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in EAF and BOF steelmaking

By Douglas J Zuliani, Vittorio Scipolo and Carsten Born Tenova Goodfellow Inc. and Tenova Re Energy GmbH

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Increased EAF availability with automatic refractory thickness scanner and gunning robot

By Yousef Q Al Emadi, Joachim D Souza, Roland Reiterer and Gerd Sauer Qatar Steel Company and RHI AG

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21st century lining design for blast furnaces

By R J van Laar and V van Straaten Danieli Corus

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The Clean Development Mechanism in the Indian steel industry

By Rajkumar Agrawal Mars Vapours Carbon Foot Print Pvt Ltd

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Combined quantitative analysis and ultra-fast analysis of non-metallic inclusions by optical emission spectrometry

By Jean-Marc Böhlen and Ravi Yellepeddi Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Instrumented drop weight tear testing

By Nick Osborne Imatek Ltd

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Plasma cutting – a comparison with oxyfuel and laser

By Kat McQuade Hypertherm Inc

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