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Thermo Fisher Scientific Ecublens

A bogie hearth furnace for heat treatment of heavy forgings

By Matteo G Ricci, Giampiero Santin and Franco Cascariglia Tecnocentro eng. srl

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Customised plant modernisation for high productivity

By Georg Bytomski Siemens VAI

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Coil-to-coil joining with laser welding

By Manfred Neumann and Ralf Wallmeyer IDEAL-Werk

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Advanced technology in skin pass rolling

By Rüdiger Holz, Karl Hoen and Karsten Weiss SMS Siemag

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Efficient production of plates with low inherent stresses

By Hans-Georg Hartung, Markus Jaenecke and Caesar Sasse SMS Siemag AG

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Improved roll defect detection and logging

By Paolo Gaboardi and Andrea Tognoni Pomini Tenova

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Pusher reheat furnace at Metinvest Trametal

By M Carbonaro, M Fantuzzi, S Gnemmi and C Mori Tenova LOI-Italimpianti

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Arvedi ESP – technology and plant design

By Gerald Hohenbichler, Federico Mazzolari, Bernd Linzer and Andreas Jungbauer Siemens VAI and Arvedi

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Slab caster upgrades and modernisation

By Gerald Hrazdera, Reinhold Leitner, Oliver Schulz and Peter Juza Siemens VAI

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Practical experience in a twin shell EAF with supersonic oxygen/carbon injection and scrap preheating via oxy-fuel burners

By Olivier Gervais and Jaroslav Brhel, ArcelorMittal Differdange and PTI Europe s.r.o.

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