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Thermo Fisher Scientific Ecublens

Real-time phosphorous measurement using a sublance probe

By Walter Vortrefflich, Willem Heijne and Jui Sen Wang Danieli Corus BV and MDC Sublance Probe Technology (Shanghai) Co Ltd

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Improving EAF performance at Dongbu Steel

By Y H Lee, Franco Gandin and Roberto Pivotti Dongbu Steel and Danieli SpA

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Improving EAF performance and enhancing safety with EFSOP®

By Nadia Boin, Armando Vazquez and Pierluca Levrangi Tenova Goodfellow Inc. and Ferriera Valsabbia S.p.A.

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Regular modernisation boosts EAF performance, efficiency and profitability

By Michel Huck Siemens VAI Metals Technologies

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Robust sensors in crane hooks for safer crane transportation of molten metals in ladles

By Ulrich Müller, Andreas Tacke, Thorsten Seising, Klaus Müller and Ingo Brötzmann VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut GmbH and Kranbau Köthen GmbH

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Development and application of dynamic secondary cooling and soft reduction for slab casting

By Yunhe Chang, Ke Liu, Zhanguang Han and Jiaquan Zhang State Key Laboratory of Advanced Metallurgy and University of Science and Technology, Beijing

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Liquid Core Reduction Plus on the Maanshan Iron & Steel Ltd CSP plant

By Chen Yougen, Gao Hiachao, Christian Geerkens, Jürgen Müller, Wolfgang Morßner, Markus Reifferscheid and Holger Beyer-Steinhauer Maanshan Iron & Steel Company Ltd (Masteel) and SMS Siemag AG

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From CSP® to CSP® flex: the new concept for thin slab technology

By Christian Bilgen, Christoph Klein, Christian Klinkenberg and Jürgen Müller SMS Siemag AG

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Latest design of compact hot strip mill from SMS Siemag

By Detlef Ehlert, Stephan Krämer, Helmuth Hartmann, Helmut Höfer, Hans-Jörg Seiter and Wolfgang Lay SMS Siemag with the co-operation of Çolakoglu Metalurji

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2.3Mt/yr thin slab casting and hot/ cold rolling facility for flat products

By Alessandro Pigani, Luciano Vignolo, Carlo Piemonte and Paolo Burin Danieli Centro Met

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