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Thermo Fisher Scientific Ecublens

Non-destructive testing of bars by inductive heat-flux thermography

By Stefan Koch

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Next generation non-chrome coating for galvanised steel

By Thomas S Smith II, Brian Bammel and Greg Donaldson

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Cooling of hot briquetted iron

By Frank Reddemann Aumund Fördertechnik

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50 years of Outotec travelling grate technology

By Thomas Schwalm and Karl-Heinz Hofmann Outotec

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Blast furnace hearth management and cast house practice in the new age of raw materials

By Edo Engel and Jennifer Wise Danieli Corus

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In-situ laser-based gas analysis

By Bob Lane Siemens Sensors and Communications

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Energy recovery from EAF off-gas

By Florian Zauner and Paul Trunner Siemens VAI Metals Technologies GmbH

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The S/EAF® continuous electric arc steelmaking process

By Thomas Germershausen and Jan Bader SMS Siemag AG

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Danieli converter technology

By Dr Günther Staudinger, Dr Andreas Hackl, Peter Illecker, Alberto Passon, Edo Engel and Walter Vortrefflich Danieli Linz Technology and Danieli Corus

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Heat recovery from EAF off-gas: a new benchmark

By Carsten Born and Ralf Granderath Tenova RE Energy GmbH

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