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Thermo Fisher Scientific Ecublens

Simetal EAF Quantum™ steelmaking

By Markus Abel, Markus Dorndorf, Michel Hein and Hans-Jörg Huber

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Scrap mix and operation of Consteel® EAF

By Francesco Memoli

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BOF process control in the 21st century: latest developments and retrofit/upgrade options

By Bart van den Berg, Edo Engel, Peter Gootjes and Guido van Hattum

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Explosion protection safety concept for use in mechanical vacuum pump systems in secondary metallurgy steel degassing processes

By Uwe Zoellig, Gunnar Groß and Dirk Schiller

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Recent developments of electromagnetic actuators for continuous casting of long and flat products

By Siebo Kunstreich

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Micro mills for niche locations and niche applications

By Giorgio Cabai and Fabrizio Cabai

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The evolution of thin slab casters: from first pioneering experiences to ultra-high speed casting

By Mike Knights and Marcellino Fornasier

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A new benchmark in special steel casting: new twin-strand vertical caster at POSCO Specialty Steel, Korea

By Antonio Sgro’, Marco Rinaldi and Giovanni Accardo

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Furnace technology from the rolling mill designer and builder

By Thilo Sagermann

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Tenova TRGX burners on California Steel Industries’ new walking beam furnace

By Massimiliano Fantuzzi and Jared Kaufman

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