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Thermo Fisher Scientific Ecublens

Continuous pickling and galvanising of strip

By Tomaz Lavric and Jan Hykel

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Chromium and N-methyl pyrrolidone (NMP)-free thin organic coatings for galvanised steel

By Xueting Qiu

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Raw materials improvement in the steel industry

By Henk Reimink

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Use of metallic pan conveyors in sinter plants

By Frank Reddemann

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SAIL Rourkela BF No. 5 – Building India’s largest blast furnace

By J Bak and Edo Engel

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Comparison of Kanbara reactor, magnesium mono-injection and lime – magnesium co-injection for hot metal desulphurisation

By Frank Schrama and Bart van den Berg

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Simetal EAF Quantum™ steelmaking

By Markus Abel, Markus Dorndorf, Michel Hein and Hans-Jörg Huber

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Waste heat – the biggest source for energy effi ciency optimisation

By Carsten Born and Ralf Granderath

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Steel plant model for optimisation of steel plant logistics

By Frank Schrama, Daan Merkestein, Mart Jansen, Walter Vortreffl ich and Bart van den Berg

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Explosion protection safety concept for use in mechanical vacuum pump systems in secondary metallurgy steel degassing processes

By Uwe Zoellig, Gunnar Groß and Dirk Schiller

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