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Thermo Fisher Scientific Ecublens

The use of pellets and briquettes in steel production

By Wolfgang Gitterle

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Heatopt – an intelligent, holistic process control system for optimised electric steelmaking

By Daniel Tieseler

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Capacity enhancement at Emirates Steel through improvement in EAF performance with hot DRI charge

By D Patrizio, P Razza and A Pesamosca

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Big River Steel – the latest design of mini-mill

By Thilo Sagermann

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Steel plant model for optimisation of steel plant logistics

By Frank Schrama, Daan Merkestein, Mart Jansen, Walter Vortreffl ich and Bart van den Berg

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The Jet Process – an innovative solution to maximise scrap and HBI rates in converter steelmaking

By Dr Gerald Wimmer, Krzysztof Pastucha and Dr Erich Wimmer

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Gunning robots for improved hot refractory repair in steel plants

By Christian Wolf

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What’s next for continuous casting?

By Johann Penn and David Aschauer

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STS bloom caster for special steels

By Giorgio Cabai, Fabrizio Cabai and Matteo Bellina

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Development and validation of Multi-Mode® EMB, a new electromagnetic brake for thin slab casters

By Siebo Kunstreich, Thierry Gautreau, Jean-Yves Ren, Andrea Codutti, Fabio Guastini and Marco Petronio

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