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Hot blast system development: technology, operations and campaign management

By Victor van Straaten, Bart de Graaff and Edo Engel, Danieli Corus

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Sustainable steelmaking – A strategic evaluation of the future potential of hydrogen in the steel industry

By Michael Skorianz, Edo Engel and Johannes Schenk, Danieli Corus and University of Leoben

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Peak BOF steelmaking has occurred

By Dr David J Price, Millennium Steel

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Process control on android system ‘goMobile’

By Prasanna Dandekar and Bhushan Bapat, John Cockerill Automation

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Experimental and numerical study of gas jet cooling at high Reynolds number

By Ph Plankart, M Delsipee, J-M Buchlin and Michel Dubois, von Karman Institute and John Cockerill Industry Metals

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Conveying equipment for extremely hot bulk materials

By Matthias Moritz and Frank Reddemann, AUMUND Fördertechnik GmbH

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Automatic tagging, tying and tracking of long products

By Antonio Ambra and Andrei Molchan, AIC North America Corp. and Automazioni Industriali Capitanio srl.

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New off-gas de-sulphurisation process for sinter plants

By Fabio Ferrari and Niccolò Griffini, Redecam Group S.p.A

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Hydrogen-based steelmaking

By Pablo Duarte, Tenova HYL

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CO2 emission reduction: A need for the future

By Anand Kumar Agrawal, Dr.-Ing (Inpl) Klaus Peter Kinzel, Philipp Bermes, Cristiano Castagnola and Lorenzo Micheletti, Paul Wurth Italia s.p.A

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