Articles from 2016 International

The latest design and technology for air knives and strip wiping on galvanising lines

By Pascal Fontaine and Lothar Passeck, FOEN® – Fontaine Engineering und Maschinen GmbH

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Automated systems for ultrasonic testing of steel plates

By Bernhard Heyer, Foerster

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Innovative concepts for surface grinding and automatic inspection of special bar quality products

By Norbert Asamer and Gerhard Richter, BRAUN Maschinenfabrik GmbH

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New coating technologies to fight wear and corrosion on key steelmaking components

By G R Heath, Castolin Eutectic Group

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Turning knowledge into action for consistent strip quality and increased production efficiency

By Michel Dubois and José Callegari, CMI INDUSTRY Metals

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Expert Support improves quality 24/7

By Hans Peintinger, QuinLogic GmbH

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