Articles from 2015 International

What’s next for continuous casting?

By Johann Penn and David Aschauer

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STS bloom caster for special steels

By Giorgio Cabai, Fabrizio Cabai and Matteo Bellina

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Development and validation of Multi-Mode® EMB, a new electromagnetic brake for thin slab casters

By Siebo Kunstreich, Thierry Gautreau, Jean-Yves Ren, Andrea Codutti, Fabio Guastini and Marco Petronio

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Combined pickling line and 3-stand tandem cold mill

By M Svetina, L Vignolo and M Turchetto

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Advanced control solutions for fl ying shears to improve effi ciency and reliability of rolling mills

By Marco Capitanio, Roberto Migliorati, Stefano Arondi and Alberto Giacomelli

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Wire rod mill modernisation at Trinecké Želesárny

By Bruce V Kiefer and Wade P Krejdovsky

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Automated 3D plasma cutting of structural steel

By Tyler Kipp

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Latest developments in abrasive cutting and grinding of large cast and forged products

By Gerhard Richter, Alfred Schmuckermayer, Alexander Zeischka and Matthew Foerster

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Implementation of an IDEAL Laser Welder into an existing Hot Dip Galvanising Line at ThyssenKrupp Germany

By Ralf Wallmeyer

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The CBMM niobium market development programme

By Dr Jitendra Patel

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