Articles from 2012 International

Rapid Part™ technology: a process improvement in plasma cutting

By Derek Weston Hypertherm, Inc.

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Low temperature strip cleaning in simple, compact hot dip galvanising lines

By M Viswanathan, S Shirvaikar and G Passalacqua Tenova LOI Italimpianti

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Precision coating control for electrical steel

By Lorenzo Bonagiunti and Marco Ravera Tenova Strip Processing

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Modernisation and services boost plant efficiency and availability

By Georg Bytomski Siemens AG

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Integrated roll shops for heavy plate applications

By Giovanni Boselli, Davide Quaglia, Igor Grataroli and Marco Cozzi Pomini Tenova

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Small spot and elemental mapping analysis in metals using X-ray fluorescence

By Chris Shaffer, Didier Bonvin and André Kohler Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Niobium high strength steels for greener wind power generation

By J K Patel and S G Jansto CBMM

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