Articles from 2010 India

Maximising BOF production and lowering costs by using sublance-based process control

By Walter Vortrefflich Danieli Corus BV

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Upgrading of CC2 bloom caster at RINL Visakhapatnam steel plant

By K Sahu, B Jai Kumar, R Freely, D Preshaw and K B Goode Visakhapatnam Steel Plant and Tata Steel Engineering

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Consteel® and conventional EAF: a comparison of maintenance practices

By Francesco Memoli, Cesare Giavani and Andrea Grasselli Tenova SpA

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Modern high strength Nb-bearing structural steels

By Bhushan Rakshe and Jitendra Patel Ferro Tech India Pvt Ltd and International Metallurgy Ltd

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Improved roll pass design for long products with WICON Rolling Library

By Martin Händemark Danieli Morgårdshammar

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Integrated solutions for fully automated grinding of surface flaws on semi-finished products

By Gerhard Richter, Ronald Ofner and Ewald Fauster BRAUN Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co KG and vatron GmbH

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Tenova’s new generation of electrolytic tinning lines

By Tenova SpA

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The Clean Development Mechanism in the Indian steel industry

By Rajkumar Agrawal Mars Vapours Carbon Foot Print Pvt Ltd

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21st century lining design for blast furnaces

By R J van Laar and V van Straaten Danieli Corus

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Increased EAF availability with automatic refractory thickness scanner and gunning robot

By Yousef Q Al Emadi, Joachim D Souza, Roland Reiterer and Gerd Sauer Qatar Steel Company and RHI AG

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