Articles from 2009 International

Combined quantitative analysis and ultra-fast analysis of non-metallic inclusions by optical emission spectrometry

By Jean-Marc Böhlen and Ravi Yellepeddi Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Towards online mill setup optimisation for improved production and minimisation of energy consumption in hot rolling of long products

By Anders Daneryd, Rickard Lindkvist and Mats G Olsson ABB

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Commissioning of SteelPlanner at two green field steelworks in China

By Kurt Pressberger Advanced Information Systems (AIS) GmbH Co

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A pragmatic approach to economic and environmental sustainability in the steel industry

By Dieter Bettinger, Johann Kriechmair and Lawrence Gould Siemens VAI Metals Technologies GmbH & Co

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Maintenance in the new millennium

By Kees Tol Corus/worldsteel

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The future of BF ironmaking: lowering hot metal costs with innovative processes

By Maarten Geerdes, Hisko Toxopeus, Roman Vaynshteyn and Reinoud van Laar Geerdes & Partners and Danieli-Corus

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Higher pulverised coal injection rate and more stable blast furnace operation

By Peter Matthes, Paul Massmann and Roland Weiser AMEPA GmbH and F.Block

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Options in sintering to meet future industry needs

By Collin Bartlett, Walter Gerlach and Max Koepf Outotec GmbH

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Granshot® iron granulation technology

By Kristina Beskow, Per-Åke Lundström and Erik Dupon Uvån Hagfors Teknologi AB and Danieli Corus BV

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Hot DRI transport in an inert atmosphere

By Frank Reddemann AUMUND Fördertechnik GmbH

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