Articles from 2005 International

Continuous innovation in large drives for rolling mills

By Harald Wiechmann Siemens AG

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Integrated de-scaling and preservation lines for steel sheet and sections

By Siegfried Walther DISA Industrie AG

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Developments in roll grinding for the production of tinplate and automotive sheet

By Stuart Critchley and Paolo Gaboardi Dofasco and Techint-Pomini

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Microstructure prediction and control in hot strip mills

By Hans-Ulrich Löffler, Rüdiger Döll and Wen Dun Siemens AG and Wuhan Iron & Steel (Group) Corporation

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Minimising the effect of alloy variations on non-contact thickness measurement

By Christopher Burnett Thermo Electron Corporation

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Innovation trends in hot strip rolling

By Theo Nijhuis, Alois Seilinger, Thomas Kierner and Gerlinde Djumlija VOEST-ALPINE Industrieanlagenbau GmbH & Co (VAI)

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Improved strip profile and flatness control in hot strip mills

By Leopold Peer, Gerhard Posch, Dietmar Auzinger and Markus Widder voestalpine Stahl and VAI

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Plate mill production planning and control

By Diethard Schmid and Friedrich Stix Advanced Information Systems (AIS)

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Ultrasonic testing of hot plates using EMAT

By Jürgen Schröder, Michael Ege and Andrey Kirikov Institut Dr. Foerster GmbH & Co. KG and OOO Kompaniya Nordinkraft

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The virtual Compact Strip Production mill

By Vincent Honnet, Torsten Kuhlen, Reiner Kopp, Oliver Hofmann and Christian Plociennik RWTH Aachen and SMS Demag AG

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