Articles from 2004 International

High productivity stainless casting at Outokumpu Stainless Tornio

By T. Hyytinen, S. Moilanen, H. Resch, H. Lempradl and Oliver Schulz Outokumpu Stainless Oy and VOEST-ALPINE Industrieanlagenbau GmbH & Co (VAI)

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Sustainability of ferrous metallurgy – steeluniversity.org

By David J. Naylor IISI

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Continuous improvement of a 25-year-old slab casting machine

By Erhard Reichel and Karl Trnka VOEST-ALPINE Industrieanlagenbau GmbH & Co (VAI) and VAIS do Brasil, Ltda

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The In line Strip Production (ISP) process

By Paul Millbank Arvedi

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Productivity, quality and resource efficiency of CSP technology

By Peter Heinrich, Wolfgang Hennig, Günter Kneppe and Jose Ignacio Larretxi SMS Demag AG

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Mathematical modelling for the design of continuous casting machines

By Leonid V. Boulanov, Evgeni P. Parfenov, Nikolai A. Yurovsky and Tamara.G. Khimitch Uralmash – Metallurgical Equipment Ltd

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The Ultra slag droplet detector

By Wolfgang Theissen Amepa GmbH

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An innovative combustion system for reheating furnaces

By Paolo Bonci Techint (Compagnia Tecnica Internazionale)

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Quality and flexibility enhancement of a lifting hearth reheat furnace

By Christoph Dossow and Gerrit Wohlschläger Kromschröder AG

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Trends in the modernisation of conventional hot-strip mills

By Josef Maierl and Gerlinde Djumlija VOEST-ALPINE Industrieanlagenbau GmbH & Co (VAI)

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