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Millennium Steel America

Millennium Steel will review the most recent advances in process technology and future trends in every aspect.
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Millennium Steel China 2017/18

The next issue will be published in October 2017. For media information click here
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Millennium Steel 2017

Millennium Steel 2017 will be published in 2017.
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Innovative concepts for surface grinding and automatic inspection of special bar quality products

By Norbert Asamer and Gerhard Richter, BRAUN Maschinenfabrik GmbH

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New coating technologies to fight wear and corrosion on key steelmaking components

By G R Heath, Castolin Eutectic Group

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Turning knowledge into action for consistent strip quality and increased production efficiency

By Michel Dubois and José Callegari, CMI INDUSTRY Metals

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Expert Support improves quality 24/7

By Hans Peintinger, QuinLogic GmbH

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烧结、制球和直接还原工艺中的热物料 输送潜力

By  Frank Reddemann   AUMUND Fördertechnik GmbH

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KR搅拌法、单喷镁和复合喷石灰-镁铁水 脱硫 的比较

By  Frank Schrama 和 Bart van den Berg   达涅利康力斯公司(Danieli Corus)

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By  Reinould van Laar 和 Edo Engel   达涅利康力斯公司(Danieli Corus)

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By  Frank Schrama, Daan Merkestein, Mart Jansen和Bart van den Berg 达涅利康力斯公司(Danieli Corus) 和系统导航公司(Systems Navigator ) 达涅利林茨技术 (Danieli Linz Technology)

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射流工艺——在转炉炼钢中最大限度利 用废钢和HBI率的创新解决方案

By  Gerald Wimmer博士, Krzysztof Pastucha 和 Erich Wimmer 博士   Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH

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使用机械真空泵的真空氧气脱碳(VOD) 工艺的优势优化

By  Anke Teeuwsen 与 邓国伟    Edwards GmbH与 埃地沃兹贸易(上海)有限公司)

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