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Millennium Steel 2018

Millennium Steel will review the most recent advances in process technology, industry needs and future trends in every aspect.
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Millennium Steel America 2018

Millennium Steel will review the most recent advances in process technology and future trends in every aspect.
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Millennium Steel China 2017/18

The next issue will be published in October 2017. For media information click here
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By FLili Chen, Jimmy Zhang, Jiabao Yang, Alcuin Zhu, Marco Zhang 和 Xueting Qiu, 汉高中国公司

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By Gerhard Scholles 和 Hans-Walter Refflinghaus, SMS group GmbH 与 SONA BLW Praezisionsschmiede GmbH

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灵活的对用于连续生产的板坯和初轧坯 去毛刺磨床的加工解决方案

By Norbert Asamer, Gerhard Richter and Stefan Purrer, BRAUN Maschinenfabrik GmbH

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By  Dr. Ralph Foehr. LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen

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ZUMBACH Electronics – Switzerland equips Hot Rolling Mill with PROFILEMASTER® Profile Measuring System at Hoesch Schwerter Profile GmbH – Germany

By Bruno Mühlheim Zumbach Electronic AG

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用于钢管轧机和管材轧机的 CaliView® 移动测量系统

By  Frank d’Hone SMS group GmbH

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By  M Dubois 和 J Callegari CMI 工业

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Blast furnace modern design – modular construction

By Reinoud van Laar and Victor van Straaten, Danieli Corus BV

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By-products and emissions in the ENERGIRON direct reduction process

By Pablo Duarte and Jorge Martinez, Tenova HYL

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Construction and operation of TISCO Taiyuan 4,350m3 blast furnace No.6

By Hongbin Wang, Liguo Huang, Yan Bo Liu, Xialong Wang, Guido van Hattum and Edo Engel ,TISCO and Danieli Corus

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